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About Us
EasyScriber, one of the leading provider of document management software was started by people closely related to management of large organizations and experts in software development. EasyScriber is a joint venture between Armia Systems, Inc in Chicago, IL and Zebra Technical Solutions in Columbia, SC.

Initially EasyScriber was started as a web document management software provider for local businesses and organizations. In the course of time, the software was modified in such a way so as to support all kinds of bigger organizations. Now EasyScriber's web document management tool is used by both small and big business organizations. EasyScriber have a number of well wishers involved in consultants and partners to make it as useful and stable as possible.

EasyScriber gives high priority by providing its customers an easy to use and error free document management system, which makes it one of the best document management company in the world. Due to its high quality and efficiency, EasyScriber is the first name that comes into mind when one thinks about a document management software.

Currently, we support a number of customers in the U.S. and internationally. Our sole focus is to provide effective and the best document management software for various organizations across the globe.

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Our purpose is to help our customers run their operations more effectively, helping them to gain greater insight into their operational activities and providing them with lasting benefits by automating their operational processes.

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