Scott, Missouri USA.
"I am quite pleased with the results we have had while using EasyScriber's document management system and utilizing their support in maintaining our project."



EasyScriber is designed specifically for making the document management process more efficient. As this software platform manages all document aspects of an organization, this can be considered as a Document Management System..

This online document management platform can be configured for use by all kinds of organizations . The application is designed specifically for smart management of documents.

EasyScriber's inherent flexibility enables system configurations to be built to meet the unique needs of any organization. EasyScriber implementation can be structured so the database and web applications run on separate machines. An implementation also can be built into a load-balanced, redundant server environment if required. EasyScriber framework ensures optimal performance without sacrificing the flexibility your organization enjoys currently. We customize and configure the application to meet your unique requirements.

EasyScriber handles both large and small deployments efficiently and cost effectively. EasyScriber has been load balanced for deployment for hundreds of thousands of users and is also cost effective for smaller organizations with limited technology resources.

Every organization has a responsibility to protect data and provide a secure operational environment. Most organizations have already made a large investment in a security infrastructure; EasyScriber fits seamlessly into your enterprise security plan.

EasyScriber is built on PHP and supports wide variety of database platforms (Mysql, Oracle, Sybase, MsSql), which provide EasyScriber a stable and well-supported foundation. This application is hosted on a redundant fail-safe server cloud to make sure it is available 24/7 to your customers.

We realize that no organizations operation methodology is the same, and there are often a variety of systems that need to integrate with the EasyScriber. EasyScriber features open, standards-based and flexible technology and is engineered to integrate with all your systems, regardless of your present configuration.