Scott, Missouri USA.
"I am quite pleased with the results we have had while using EasyScriber's document management system and utilizing their support in maintaining our project."



Best Practices
If you are responsible for your document management, you easily can improve your document-operations with our application. We keep our focus on the performance and well being of the the customers and organizations. EasyScriber is a joint venture between Armia Systems, Inc in Chicago, IL and Zebra Technical Solutions in Columbia, SC. We have included the best practices from document management systems from small local busnesses to large organizations.

  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Effective customer communication.
  • Utilizes customer's time more efficiently
  • Reduced cycle time for communications
  • Effective utilization of documents and resources
  • Improve Staff utilization, do more with the same people
  • Make customers more engaged
  • Easy to use interface with advanced technology support.